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July 10 2015


Today's Modern day Auto Repair service


The evolution of an car has transformed dramatically since the first automobile was developed centuries ago. The car body from cars of yesteryear was lacking much in the way of your second chance. If your unthinkable happened causing damage, mechanics in auto body shops may have been able to perform an area up job but nothing that could be in comparison with repairs possible today on account of the prime tech equipment used on every day basis. - collision repair


Spotting a good paint job is one area most people can do. Previously, getting paint work repaired was a nightmare. You'll get into a repair center and hang out with the mechanic arguing that color was the closest to that particular of the car, understanding that if a person takes any notice of your vehicle the patchy paint will be revealed.

Skip ahead to 2014 and technologies are able to get out the exact paint color code of your respective current coat of paint which then enables the mechanics to replicate the very same color to ensure the automobile body looks like new.

Technologies have also reduced the carbon footprint effect painting the automobile body has. Lead would have been a key ingredient in paints is not good for health of both humans along with the environment. The new water paint has improved this example immensely ensuring auto body shops are playing their part in preserving the planet.


Mechanics have invariably been recognized to have a very good eye even though it is not changed automobile assisted by technology. Technology is able to dig up the measurements 100% precise, almost every time. While there was clearly initially some resistance to embrace the technology all auto body shops have finally realized computers are the way forward if not used the shop may as well throw in the white towel now.


Every auto body shot mechanic from Calgary to Timbuktu understands welding. The types of materials utilized to weld parts in place is pretty important stuff, an inadequate point in welding could be dangerous. As scientific study has looked into spot welds, the sheets used for the welds are actually lighter and stronger compared to those 10 years ago. Researchers try particular for the best great maximize cross-tension strength versus tensile strength to offer the most effective options. Another result's of using lighter materials inside the welding process may be the environmental benefits.

Small Dent Repairs

Paintless dent repairs are tackled in auto body shops daily. That is one area from the advanced body shops containing not been completely revolutionized by technology. Initially determined effort was all that was required along with some understand how. Skip forward today, the work continues to be manual however a few specialist tools are utilized to obtain the best results.

Innovation is happening at an incredible rate. Everyone is figuring out how to put it to use in new ways everyday. Some innovations have revolutionized what sort of auto body shops operate. With robots and machines continually advancing, could we percieve your day of mechanics being eliminated from auto body repair. - collision repair

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